TE and Alexey Kirienko: great potential

EXANTE and Alexey Kirienko: a new trading star

Perhaps, you’ve already viewed thousands of EXANTE broker reviews but none of them has satisfied you. This review is expected to change your mind.

Some people prefer entrusting their funds to professionals and let them trade on their behalf. Maybe you are one of those how finds such an approach absolutely unacceptable because you are eager to control the situation on your own. Well, you definitely need to reach out to a trustworthy broker to open an account. EXANTE established by Alexey Kirienko is a good example of a reliable broker.

From this article, you will learn basic information about the broker and its services. Besides this, you’ll find out how to trade various financial instruments.

EXANTE: learning more about the company

Vladimir Maslyakov, Alexey Kirienko, Gatis Eglitis, and Anatoliy Knyazev are  the founders of the company. They established it in 2011 with the main office in London. Besides this, the company has up to 10 offices in different parts of the world.

The broker enables companies and individuals to access various financial markets to earn a profit. The company is regulated by the European law. EXANTE boasts great customer support that can be reached by phone, email or live chat.

You can’t do without the basics of trading

To become a successful trader, you should be aware of when to enter the market and when to get out of it.

You can either sell or purchase an asset and earn on the price difference. At first sight, it sounds fairly primitive but you shouldn’t associate it with pure gambling. On the contrary, you are bound to take into account a lot of factors that depend on the assets you are going to trade. For example, if you intend to trade securities, then you will require accurate and relevant data about the general market situation and also the situation in a certain company or the entire industry in general.

As a newbie, you might be struggling to choose a market to trade but it’s a normal thing. You will certainly cope with it. You require choosing the market you find interesting. Perhaps, later you will change your mind about this particular market.

Due to the fact that the financial markets have much in common, you can utilize your knowledge for any market.

You require finding worthy articles, books as well as other helpful materials to gain the basic trading knowledge. You should also study fundamental and technical analysis.

Of course, your newly-gained knowledge can’t do without practice. So, you are expected to create a trading account and get down to using the EXANTE trading platform. Assess your first outcomes to find out what needs to be improved to increase your trading performance.

Learn from demo EXANTE trading

You will learn a lot if you open a demo trading account with this broker. It’s the best way to understand how the terminal works without putting your real money at risk.

It won’t take you much time to open a demo account with the EXANTE brokerage company founded by Kirienko. For this purpose, you require filling out a couple of fields without uploading any documents for the verification procedure. The greatest benefit of using a demo account is that in this case, you will never lose your money.

Don’t hurry to start trading real money. Be patient to practice demo trading until you gain the basic trading skills. Keep in mind that the EXANTE broker focuses on serious investors who already have the basic trading knowledge.

EXANTE trading platform

If you’ve never utilized a trading terminal before, you may be struggling at first. Just take it easy. After a while, you will realize how to make the most of it. The helpful materials on the official portal of the broker will help you.

The broker offers several versions of its trading terminal. You can conveniently trade on your personal computer or make transactions on the smartphone if you find it suitable enough.

Feel free to ask for help

As a novice trader, you may find yourself in a difficult situation. It’s not a catastrophe. You can use the FAQ section of the broker’s official website to find a solution to your issue. If you fail to cope with the problem on your own, it makes sense to reach out to the customer support service. They have sufficient competence in everything closely connected with EXANTE to show you the right path.

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